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The ITB will deliver its services only to those customers who are of legal age in particular jurisdictions they are citizens of or reside in. Legal age may vary between 18 and 21. We accept Perfect Money Deposits Only. All members must have a Perfect Money as all payments are made to your Perfect Money account.

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Service Agreement

The International Trade & Business Ltd. (ITB) provides the information contained on this website or any of the pages comprising the website to visitors subject to the terms and conditions set out in these website terms and conditions, the privacy policy and any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices which may be applicable to a specific section or module of this website 


1.1. ITB is incorporated in New Zealand. 
1.2. Residents of any country can open an account at ITB. 
1.3. Client deposits money using Perfect Money/Perfect Money and invests it into investment plans offered by the Company. 
1.4. Communication between you and ITB is viewed as private communication of confidential information intended to be used by you only. ITB requires you to keep all the communication private and not to disclose it


2.1. Client deposits money into one or several investment plans with daily variable interest.
2.2. Additional deposits or increases in the available balance will  improve the account to the next investment plan and the terms of the original investment plan, as set up with the initial deposit. 
2.3. ITB can modify investment plan conditions any time. 
2.4. Depositing money to investment account is executed with Perfect Money, HD-Money, e-currency and bank transfer in accordance with the Client's Agreement. 
2.5. All deposits are to be made in USD only. Deposits made in EUR will be exchanged at current rate. Bank Wire deposits in other currency will be exchanged to USD. 
2.6. The principal is locked in for 10 calendar days since the date of initial deposit. 
2.7. Client receives first interest payment to his/her Perfect Money Account 24 hours after his deposit. 
2.8. Client can reinvest the profit manually by investing the profit back into investment plans. The profit under the investment plan is accrued by a simple interest rate. 
2.9. Compounding is available for Corporate plan. 


3.1. ITB warrants the safety of the invested amounts and interest stability. 
3.2. ITB guarantees all payments made in time and under the terms stipulated in this Agreement. 
3.3. ITB guarantees any personal information of the Client will not be disclosed to any third parties. 


4.1. By agreeing with these Terms of Service the Client represents that the services provided by the Company do not breach the law of his/her national jurisdiction. 
4.2. Client will keep his/her account access information secret. 
4.3. Client will independently monitor the transactions made through the account and inform the Company of any discrepancies or unlawful access.   


5.1. We respect the intellectual property rights of others, and require that the people who use ITB do the same. 
5.2. The contents of this site are protected by copyright and trademark laws, and are the property of ITB. Unless we say otherwise, you may access the materials located within the ITB only for your personal use. 
5.3. You may not modify, copy, publish, display, transmit, adapt or in any way exploit the content of ITB website. Only if you obtain prior written consent from us - and from all other entities with an interest in the relevant intellectual property - you may publish, display or commercially exploit any material from ITB. To seek our permission, you may contact us.   


Starter >>

Daily 25.5% Interest

Principle Returned

Investment Period: 10 Days

Compounding: No

Fast Withdrawals

Minimum Amount: $450

General >>

Daily 31% Interest

Principle Returned

Investment Period: 10 Days

Compounding: No

Fast Withdrawals

Minimum Amount: $2000

Corporate >>

Daily 36.5% Interest

Principle Returned

Investment Period: 10 Days

Compounding: Yes

Fast Withdrawals

Minimum Amount: $7000

Special Offer >>

1100% Interest

Principle Returned

Investment Period: 48 hours

Compounding: Yes

Fast Withdrawals

Minimum Amount: $1500



 Our Benefits:

 High rates of return on investment.

 Guaranteed daily interests.

 Long-term program.

 Anonymous clients are accepted.

 No admin fee.

 No taxes are applicable.

 Daily payouts directly to your account.

 Customers privacy protection.

 24/7 support.



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